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AFTERBUZZ TV – Dexter edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Showtime’s Dexter. In this episode host Stephen Lemieux breaks down the season 7 episode in which Dexter takes Hannah on a boat ride only to discover she is terrified of water, the result of having been thrown into a lake by her father when she was six years old. This discovery prompts a discussion about one another’s experiences regarding fear. Dexter is summoned to a crime scene where a man burned to death in his car. An assertive arson investigator rules suicide but Dexter thinks differently. When Dexter attempts to voice his opinion, the arson investigator dismisses his theory. Dexter attempts to smooth things out with Deb by telling her he understands why she confessed her true feelings, reassuring her that the feelings are “logical”. Meanwhile at the Koshkas’ club, George is becoming increasingly agitated at Quinn’s failure to return his calls. Out of spite, he forces Nadia to join him at a motel for sex. Elsewhere, Isaak discovers the Koshkas have deployed two highly skilled hitmen to kill him. Desperate to save his life, Isaak approaches Dexter for help, which Dexter refuses. Back at the Koshkas’ club, Quinn visits Nadia and learns George assaulted her. He responds by fighting George and dragging Nadia from the club. Arriving home, Dexter finds Hannah’s van outside and expects to find her. Instead he finds Isaak, who informs him Hannah has been abducted and will be murdered if Dexter does not help him take care of the killers the Koshkas have deployed. Seeing that Hannah is alive and being held by Jurg, Dexter relents and, after learning of the killers’ habits from Isaak, tracks one to a shooting range where Dexter kills him. Dexter then demands to speak to Hannah before helping any further, and Isaak allows him to chat via video with Hannah. During the conversation, Dexter takes a screenshot and sends it to his cellphone. Later, after determining Hannah’s location to be the residence of a Colombian, Dexter asks Deb to check out the Colombian cartel victims’ houses from Isaak’s previous killing spree. Meanwhile, LaGuerta meets with Matthews and admits she believes the Bay Harbor Butcher is still alive. She asks for Matthews’ help, which he ultimately agrees to provide in exchange for his pension. When another burned body turns up in an elevator shaft, Dexter finds evidence indicating it was not suicide and points out his findings to the visibly nervous arson investigator. Noting that the second hitman hunting Isaak had followed him to the crime scene, Dexter leads him to a ship where Isaak kills him. At the same time, Hannah attempts escape and strikes Jurg in the head but not before being stabbed in the abdomen. Back on the ship, Isaak and Dexter appear to make amends. As Isaak is leaving the ship, he is confronted by George who shoots him and flees. Dexter attempts to help him, but Isaak notes that the bullet did not exit and states that he is dying. As Dexter takes a dying Isaak out on his boat, Deb discovers Hannah’s unconscious body at the Colombian victim’s home and, setting aside her disdain for Hannah, calls an ambulance. There to help Stephen are co-hosts JJ Jurgens and Anna Koppel. It’s Dexter’s “Helter Skelter”

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