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AFTERBUZZ TV – Dexter edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Showtime’s Dexter. In this episode host Sean Overman breaks down the season 7 episode in which Dexter continues to investigate Hannah McKay as he is convinced of her guilt. Hannah walks in while he is in her nursery, searching for evidence supporting his theory – and thereby confirming her guilt. On being confronted by her he makes up a lie that he wants to ask her out on a date. She rejects the offer and says she is just trying to do the right thing. At which point Dexter coaxes her to “do the wrong thing”. She agrees to go out with him. Quinn returns the money he was offered by George Novikov in exchange for some favor, saying he is not for sale. Later George shows up at a restaurant where Quinn and Nadia were supposed to meet for dinner. George asks Quinn to remove the evidence linking Isaak to the crime scene. When Quinn refuses, George threatens to send Nadia to a sex club in Dubaï. Quinn agrees to remove the evidence in exchange for Nadia’s freedom and a promise that Isaak, once out of the jail, will leave the country for good. Meanwhile, LaGuerta continues to probe into the Bay Harbor Butcher and has a theory about how all the five suspects relating to the Barrel Girls’ case went missing suspiciously. She confides to Debra that it is possible the Butcher might have got to them. Debra confronts Dexter with this information and in the conversation that follows, finds out about Dexter’s relationship with Lumen. Elsewhere, Sal Price (Santiago Cabrera) is an investigative writer who has written a book on the life story of Wayne Randall. He thinks Hannah McKay might be more involved in the killings than previously presumed, and wants to write a sequel about her. To further his personal investigation into the subject, he approaches Miami Metro hoping to lay his hands on the case files. While on a date with him later, Debra finds out about the differences in the blood reports submitted by Price’s guy and Dexter. This makes her suspicious of her brother again. Dexter and Hannah go to a closed Christmas themed amusement park, where it turns out Dexter has set up a kill room. He prepares to kill Hannah, but cannot go through with it and releases her. They end up having sex in the kill room instead. There to help Sean are co-hosts JJ Jurgens and Stephen Lemieux. It’s Dexter’s “Do the Wrong Thing” podcast!

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