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AFTERBUZZ TV – Dexter edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Showtime’s Dexter. In this episode host Sean Overman breaks down the season 7 episode in which Hannah grabs one of his knives and holds it to Dexter’s throat. She asks why he wanted to kill her. He says “it’s what I do.” Meanwhile, at Debra’s house, Sal Price suggests exhuming the body of Hannah’s husband to see if he might have been poisoned. The next day, Dexter drops off Hannah at her home but is spotted by Price. He confronts Dexter in the street telling him he knows Dexter fudged the blood reports. Dexter manages to convince Price not to say anything in exchange for information on Wayne Randall. Masuka discovers the blood evidence used to arrest Issak is missing. Dexter, Masuka, Quinn and Angel go to the crime scene to look for more blood but the building has been flooded with sewage, destroying any possible evidence. They are forced to release Isaak, but Debra assigns a squad car to follow him around. Price visits Hannah at work and tries to get an interview with her. He threatens to go public with her relationship with Dexter unless she agrees. She agrees to the interview on the condition he keeps Dexter out of his book. Dexter plans to incriminate Price in the murder of Christy Lawson, whose killer was never found. After exhuming the body of Hannah’s husband, Debra discovers he was never embalmed, and therefore there is no way to test for poison. Price interviews Hannah, who admits to stabbing the woman at the hotel. Later that night, Price goes to Dexter’s apartment to find out what he knows about Wayne Randall. Dexter confronts Price with his plan to frame him for murder unless he backs off, but Price collapses and dies, apparently from a heart attack. Debra brings Hannah in for questioning over Price’s death but is unable to get a confession. Later, blood tests come in negative for anything poisonous so she is forced to let Hannah go. Dexter visits Hannah the next night and stays over. Dexter receives a call from Deb asking him to do to Hannah what Dexter does best. There to help Sean are co-hosts JJ Jurgens, Anna Koppel, and Stephen Lemieux. It’s Dexter’s “Chemistry” podcast!

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