Dexter S:7 | Buck the System E:3 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Dexter edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Showtime’s Dexter. In this episode host Sean Overman breaks down the season 7 episode in which Wayne Randall’s mother brings evidence relating to her son’s murder victims to Miami Metro PD, leading Dexter and Batista to investigate Hannah McKay, Randall’s former partner in crime. Meanwhile, Dexter informs Debra that Ray Speltzer, a suspect in two murders, is most likely going to kill again. Debra approaches LaGuerta with this information asking if they can investigate it, but LaGuerta tells Debra they do not have enough evidence for a warrant and instead says she should send a police car out to keep an eye on him. In another ploy to get rid of Louis, Dexter sends a parcel to Masuka at Miami Metro which contains the prosthetic hand belonging to the Ice Truck Killer. In a letter with the parcel written by Dexter, Masuka reads that Louis had sold the hand and fires him. Elsewhere, Isaak orders Nadia to get information from Quinn, whom she later informs of this. Isaak Sirko, who is the head of the Ukrainian Mob, finds his employee Viktor Baskov (Detective Anderson’s killer), who has gone missing, was lost at sea. Through a tracking device carried by Baskov, Isaak learns that Baskov left shore on Dexter’s boat, the ‘Slice of Life’. Here he finds Louis trying to tamper with the boat. Sirko, believing Louis is the owner of the boat and killer of Baskov, threatens him, saying he will kill him if he doesn’t explain why he killed Baskov. Louis reveals it is actually Dexter’s boat. Sirko shoots Louis in the head. Also, Debra goes to do surveillance on Speltzer while Dexter investigates him further. Dexter finds proof of Speltzer’s guilt, while Debra realizes things are not right at Speltzer’s place and breaks in to confront him. Dexter saves Debra from Speltzer, who manages to escape, leading Debra to conclude that Dexter’s actions are, perhaps, a necessary evil. There to help Sean are co-hosts Anna Koppel, JJ Jurgens and Stephen Lemieux. Also joining the conversation is special guest Lauren Byrnes. It’s Dexter’s “Buck the System” podcast!

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