Dexter S:7 | Argentina E:8 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Dexter edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Showtime’s Dexter. In this episode host Sean Overman breaks down the season 7 episode in which Dexter refuses Debra’s request to kill Hannah, telling her she would not be able to live with herself if she ordered a murder. In reality, Dexter can’t bring himself to kill Hannah because he’s romantically involved with her. Meanwhile, Isaak shakes his police tail and tries to kill Dexter in a donut shop, but fails. Dexter sends Jamie to fetch Astor, Cody and Harrison from Orlando, since their grandfather is undergoing emergency surgery and their grandmother has to be with him. Due to Isaak’s threat, Debra agrees to let the kids stay at her house. Angel buys Papa’s Cafe. Deb later visits Hannah to assure her she’s going to make her sorry. George tells his bosses in Kiev Isaak has become too obsessed with avenging Viktor’s death and is preventing the brotherhood from moving narcotics and laundered money. Dexter goes to Isaak’s apartment to kill him, but finds a hitman already there, and ends up killing him. LaGuerta learns that Dexter moved his boat in May 2007, during the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation. Astor and Cody are fighting, and Cody reveals his sister smokes pot. Later, Deb agrees with Dexter’s reasoning about not killing Hannah. Dexter runs to Hannah’s house, where they talk about Dexter’s need to kill Isaak, and they have sex. George uses a recording of their earlier agreement to blackmail Quinn into helping the Koshkas. Isaak finds the dead hitman and realizes he no longer has the protection of the Koshkas. Hannah needs to see Dexter while he’s at the beach with his kids and ends up learning about them. Later, Deb sees Dexter has Hannah’s keyholder and correctly deduces he’s involved with her. Feeling hurt, betrayed and angry, she ends up confessing she’s in love with him. Dexter does not know what to say. Afterwards, he follows Isaak to a gay bar, where Isaak tells him Viktor was his lover, and they talk about what love is. The episode ends with Quinn is watching over a shipment from the Koshkas, LaGuerta finding Dexter’s boat, Deb and Astor sharing a joint and Dexter going back to Hannah. There to help Sean are co-hosts JJ Jurgens, Anna Koppel, and Stephen Lemieux. It’s Dexter’s “Argentina” podcast!

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