Dexter S:6 | Talk to the Hand E:11 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Dexter edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Showtime’s Dexter. In this episode host Kristen Snyder breaks down the episode in which Debra has a confrontation with Chief Matthews about the case of a dead call girl and finally learns that he was the one in the company of the girl on that day. She decides not to implicate Matthews, but takes the blame for doing so anyway when she learns that LaGuerta has been using the situation to her advantage, resulting in Matthews’s forced retirement and Debra’s demotion. Travis tasks Beth with unleashing Wormwood poison gas in the Miami Metro squadroom, and almost succeeds until Dexter sees her press a small switch and quickly traps her in an interrogation room. The gas kills her while everyone else evacuates safely. Dexter inhales a small amount of it and needs to be treated by paramedics, who warn him of after effects like bloody noses and dizziness. Debra’s therapist prompts her to consider whether she may actually be in love with her adopted brother. Dexter stages a fake Doomsday Killer tableau in order to draw out Travis, but when he shows up, Dexter experiences a sudden wave of dizziness and is captured. When Dexter wakes up, he finds himself floating in a small boat, set to be the next victim in the “Lake of Fire”, but manages to escape before it explodes. Also, Louis mails the artificial arm from the Ice Truck Killer case that he purchased on eBay to Dexter’s home after marking it up with a form of code. There to help Kristen are co-hosts Spicy Mari Lauren Turner and Sean Overman. It’s Dexter’s “Talk to the Hand” podcast!

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