Devs Broke Her World So She’ll Break Theirs – S1 E7 ‘Devs’ Recap & Review

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On this week’s incredible episode of Devs… we pick up right where we left off. Lily and Jaimie wake up post coitus and Lily explains how she is going to ruin Katie’s “plan” by staying put in her apartment. Meanwhile, Katie leaves Forrest’s house to her car where she already knows Lyndon is waiting for her. They drive to a reservoir/dam and talk about the future. Katie tells Lyndon that she has seen this interaction in multiple timelines and knows how it ends. Lyndon stands on the ledge of this dam and he either falls and dies or stands straight and is brought back into Devs. Ultimately, Lyndon falls to his death and that’s how it always was going to end. Kenton breaks into Lily’s apartment and kills Jaimie (REST IN PEACE JIM HA). Almost kills Lily but homeless man Pete comes in and saves her by killing Kenton. Pete is a a Russian spy!!!!! He saves Lily and leaves. Lily has two choices, move to Hong Kong or go to the CIA. She chooses walk to Devs, tee-ing up the most exciting finale for next week.
Whatever it is that Alex Garland has in store for us next week, we have loved the ride so far.
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