Destination: Elsewhere -S1 E4 & E5 ‘Dispatches From Elsewhere’ Review & Recap

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What happens when you pierce through the thin veil of society and discover what your true reality and potential is? On the DISPATCHES FROM ELSEWHERE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCASTS, we’re going to be following our favorite characters as they do just that! Join us every week as we break down the latest episode from the plots, to the characters, to even the magic! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

Fredwynn escapes being trapped in a closet and continues his journey into “cracking the code” of the Jejune Institute and Elsewhere Society’s “game”. He finds himself needing a little help from his partner, Janice, when he realizes there is a clue hidden within her memories. Janice then realizes that Fredwynn may actually be on to something and believes that they should get Peter and Simone involved. Once everyone is on board, they follow the clue to an address where it leads them to an apartment building with an unusual hole out front on the sidewalk.

The team realizes this hole covers an entrance into Clara’s hiding place, a dark, empty bedroom with a painted mural of herself and a hidden message across all four walls revealing Clara’s backstory and the origins of “The Elsewhere Society.” Clara and her new friends, Mateo, Kimber and Sanjay spread nonchalance and beauty within their community, catching the eye of a woman dressed all in black. This woman brings Clara to Octavio, who considers her the “special one” of her group and thus thinks she would be a better fit for the Jejune Institute. Clara decides it’s best she stick with the Elsewhere Society but later that evening the woman in black visits Clara at her window, which suggests to our group that the story of the game is, in fact, real.
  • Hosted by: Kevin Allen (@kevinallengram), Shyntel Del Aguila (@shynteld), Benjamin Schnau (@benjaminschnau), Sana Moore (@Iam_sana_)

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