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AFTERBUZZ TV – Desperate Housewives edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Desperate Housewives. In tonight’s episode host Derrick Shore breaks down the drama filled episode Paul begins to suspect that Susan is trying to kill him by poisoning his food (which really is poisoned, though by Felicia who is clearly setting it up to make it look like that Susan is the culprit) and he has the food tested. He then finds out that the food will cause him a slow, painful death.

Meanwhile, Tom and Lynette want to take the family on a vacation: Tom wants to take them to the luxurious Hawaii, while Lynette wants to take them on a trip to the Grand Canyon, a national park and a seven-minute roller coaster. They then decide to have the kids vote on which vacation they want, leading to an argument between Tom and Lynette, with Lynette saying that Tom’s new job has turned him into a pompous goat, and Tom says that his new job turned her into a raging witch. Penny (Darcy Rose Byrnes) is revealed to have heard the entire argument and runs upstairs crying. Lynette and Tom decide to go on a weekend together without the kids in order to try to salvage their relationship.

Bree goes out with the cop, Detective Chuck Vance, and agrees to have Renee find out some information about him. On their date, Bree confronts Chuck on some horrifying information about him, and he does the same, revealing that he dug up some information on her. She then demands he take her home, and on the way they see a prostitute named Violet (Malese Jow) and Chuck tells her to get in the car and he’ll take her to the women’s center. On the way, Chuck reveals some false information about Bree to Violet (that Bree was in the same situation as her 15 years ago) and she sees the world completely different afterward. Bree then gives Chuck a second chance.

Gaby lets Juanita watch a scary horror movie, causing her to have constant nightmares about it. Juanita says that in her nightmare, a crazy man comes on their front lawn. To prove this is not true, Gaby sets up a tent and they sleep outside. Lee soon comes by and playfully scares them with a plastic axe. Neither Gaby or Juanita are amused. Later that same night, Gaby sees a man walking towards the tent, and, assuming it’s Lee again, tells him to go away. It is revealed that it is not Lee, but a man wearing a Panama hat, with a devious expression on his face. Gaby screams which makes the stranger flee.

Susan, who is desperately trying to get her old job back at M.J.’s school again, finds work on the open house committee, and is asked to get streamers. When dropping off the streamers, the woman in charge sees some cookies, made for Paul, and Susan willingly gives them for desserts, hoping to gain support from the parents’ committee. Susan then goes to drop off some food for Paul, and he confronts her about the poisoned food, causing Susan to realize that Felicia has always been with her while she was cooking. She realizes, horrified, that her cookies were also poisoned. She then rushes back to the school to find everybody eating her cookies, and no way to stop it. To make matters worse, all of the cookies made by various people have been put together, making it impossible for Susan to know which ones are hers. In a frantic attempt to save everyone, Susan knocks down all the serving trays of cookies, grabs cookies out of peoples hands, and finally runs up on stage where she grabs the microphone and tells the whole assembly that her cookies could kill them. The crowd does not take her seriously until Paul soon arrives with police officers, who place Susan under arrest. As Susan is being taken away in handcuffs, she protests her innocence but her pleas fall on deaf ears. There to help Derrick are co-hosts Sara Stretton and Roxy Striar. It’s Desperate Housewives’s “Then I Really Got Scared” episode.

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