Deadly Class S:1 Mirror People E:4 Review

Detention turns deadly on tonight’s Deadly Class after show. Hosts Stephen Lemieux, Raiven French, Angelica Trae, and Veronica Valencia discuss morality, Master Lin’s agoge test, the Kuroki massacre, Billy and Petra’s backstory, and Petra and Viktor, and Marcus and Saya. Do you ship it? Who do you ship? We also take a moment of silence for our dear friend Jaden.

It’s a deadly class indeed! From Yakuza, to White Supremacists, Cartel, and even Hessians; King’s Dominion is full of all sorts of deadly surprises. Lucky for you, you can break it all down with us every week on the DEADLY CLASS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW where we’ll discuss all the murder, assassins, conspiracy, and secret agendas! Tune in for our “Assassin of the Week” segment, and all the juicy news and gossip! Also! We’ll have cast members in studio for the show, so be sure to subscribe, comment, and follow the show to stay up to date on all things Deadly Class!

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