Dead to Me S2 E3 & E4 Recap & After Show: What’s in that freezer?

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Another netflix masterpiece. Join us to break down the episodes of Netflix’s Dead to Me as we tackle the themes, sadness, comedy, and hope within the plotlines, character development, and more! On the DEAD TO ME AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST we’ll be discussing all of it. From special segments to possible guests; stay subscribed to be up to date on all things Dead To Me!
Judy continues to mourn Steve and expresses that she wants him to have a proper resting place. After rats scurry from under his temporary resting place in the freezer, Jen contemplates the best way to rid of the body. A sudden power outage on the hottest day of the year forces Jen and Judy to dispose of the body more quickly than anticipated; they decide to drive the body to the forest and bury it there. On the way back, they spend the night in a hotel and Jen tries to cheer Judy up while she’s mourning the burial of Steve. They have a few drinks at the bar (and a good cry), and make the rest of the night a good one by letting loose on the dance floor. They return home to find that Henry’s bird is dead; they bury it in the yard, and Judy mentally buries Steve with it. The episode ends with Charlie finds a car in the storage unit.
  • Hosted by Courtez Kirkwood, Mia Brabham, Taylor Gates, and Simone Thomas

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