“Dangerous Liaisons” Season 1 Episode 9 ‘For All Mankind’ Review

Join Tara Erickson and Tatiana Mariesa to discuss the penultimate episode of For All Mankind where A crisis in space puts the Apollo 24 and 25 crews in peril.

If the space race kept going, what would have happened? We’re excited to find out! On THE FOR ALL MANKIND AFTERBUZZ TV SHOW, we’ll be breaking down the history and the false-future being told from each week’s episode of the series. With topical discussion, weekly predictions, and news, subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

About For All Mankind: The first manned mission to the Moon during the Space Race in the late 1960s was a global success for NASA and the United States. But this drama answers the question: “What if the Space Race had never ended?”.

In an alternate timeline, the USSR beats the USA to the Moon; thus setting its first Russian cosmonaut, Alexei Leonov, on it. Dubbed as “Red Moon”, this event leaves NASA in devastation. This doesn’t mean those working there have given up as they challenge the Soviet Union a second time to show that there is no giving up on hope.