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AFTERBUZZ TV – Dance Moms edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Lifetime’s Dance Moms. In this show, host Giselle Ugarte breaks down the episode in which Broadway Baby, Abby’s dog, dies while Abby is away. This week, Abby is very sad and emotional. Abby mourns over the loss of her dog. Abby gives Nia and Maddie a solo. Nia’s solo is entitled Breaking My Heart. Maddie’s solo is entitled Showing You My Heart. Abby leaves the studio for a couple of days, because she says it reminds her of Broadway Baby. The moms go behind Abby’s back to choreograph a new group dance in tribute to Broadway Baby entitled Beautiful Day. Abby believe that is offensive and makes the girls improv. Nicaya and Black Patsy appear at the competition this week in St. Louis, Missouri. Nicaya’s solo is entitled Get Back Up. Black Patsy walks into the hallway and starts to call Kendall and all of the girls bad names, and she says they stink. Her behavior gets her and Nicaya disqualified for her language. Nia wins best costume, and Abby is dishing her costume before she goes on because she believe it stinks. Holly did Nia’s costume. The group gets mad at Melissa after Maddie’s solo because they were tributing Beautiful Day as a group to Broadway Baby, but Melissa made Maddie dedicate her solo. Kelly and Christi make up and become best friends again. There to help Giselle are co-hosts Jason Carter, Tony Moore, and Chris Cangero. It’s Dance Moms’s “Bye Bye Baby” podcast!

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