Dan Levy’s Best Moments On ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Dan Levy made his hosting debut on SNL Saturday night. To celebrate, we have a recap of his funniest moments from the episode. 

Dan Levy dazzled SNL for the first time Saturday night, along with musical guest Pheobe Bridgers. From cameos to funny commercials and heartfelt scenes, here are our favorite sketches from the episode.

Dan Levy’s Monologue Brings a Familiar Guest

Adorned in a glittered black suit, Levy gave a tour of how the show continues to operate during COVID. Among all the protocols enforced by Doreen, played by cast member Aidy Bryant, Levy ran into his father, actor Eugene Levy, trapped in a glass box. Eugene Levy explained that he wanted to wish his son luck on his big day, but he had to stay isolated among two people in hazmat suits because he traveled out of state. This father-son reunion was everything we needed.

That Zillow Commercial

In a hilarious Zillow parody commercial, the sketch shared the sexual yearning of shopping for real estate. The ad focused on people in their 30s who love browsing for houses they can’t afford. Cast members and Levy sprawled out on their beds and couches in silk pajamas as they seductively looked on Zillows’ website for expensive homes. The sultry skit on the desire of window-shopping is related to people everywhere.

Super Bowl Pod

This sketch centered around a group of friends, Dan Levy, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Chris Redd, and Heidi Gardner, who gathered for a Super Bowl party. Each friend explains that they are safe from the virus because they’ve been following COVID precautions. In reality, each one has been out in public, either going to a restaurant, playing on a wrestling team, or flying around LA. Although comical, this skit emphasizes the reality of many people balancing the pandemic with social responsibility and human behavior.

Wedding Friends

Levy and Kate Mckinnon starred in this skit as two best friends attempting to stop a wedding between their friend (Ego Nwodim) and fiancé Mikey Day. While Levy and Mckinnon continued to interrupt the ceremony, they couldn’t explicitly object to their friend’s marriage. With the chemistry between Levy and Mckinnon, their efforts expressed the lengths friends will go to save a friend, or at least that’s what they thought they were doing.

It Gets Better, Or Does It?

As the nonprofit LBGTQ+ organization, It Gets Better Project, celebrates its 10th anniversary, participants showed how their lives had evolved since. The participants (Dan Levy, Kate McKinnon, Bowen Yang, and Punkie Johnson) said that although their lives have changed positively, they experience downsides like taxes, iguanas, and criticism from other gay people. Matt Lee (Yang) explained that he stopped getting bullied by straight people in high school but now deals with gay people tormenting him about his music taste. Miranda Rivers (McKinnon) now has two daughters but must deal with the stress of caring for an overgrowing iguana. Hilarious and uplifting, this sketch showed that through more work for equality, it can get better.

Dan Levy was a natural on the SNL stage, and we can’t wait for his return in the future! For now, we’ll continue rewatching Schitt’s Creek to get our daily dose of the comedic genius.

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