Dallas S:2 | Let Me In E:11 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Dallas edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of TNT’s Dallas. In this show, host AJ Gibson breaks down the “Let Me In” episode in which the T.E.S.H.A. investigation concludes and heavy fines are levied against the Ewings. Christopher is furious and confronts Ken Richards in a bar. John Ross goes to Pamela’s condo to check on her and finds her in a drug-induced stupor. Drew is starting to have an attack of conscience about what happened on the rig. He then makes a date with Emma, but doesn’t show because he is beaten up by Harris Ryland’s thugs. Elena then finds him at their drilling site. He tells her that Ryland had him beaten up, but swears her to secrecy. Carlos Del Sol reveals that J.R. had Harris Ryland linked to narcotics trafficking. Sue-Ellen gives Richards an ultimatum, telling him to chose a side, which he apparently does after delivering to her a list of Governor McConaughey’s contributors showing Harris Ryland as one of the biggest. John Ross copies Rebecca Wentworth’s Will from Pamela’s computer onto a flash drive. It is discovered that one-third of Barnes Global could go to Christopher if his mother Pamela does not turn up. The Henderson land (where Elena was drilling) is then seized by the state under the guise of Eminent Domain. There to help AJ is co-host Kellie Olisky. It’s Dallas’s “Let Me In” podcast!

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