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AFTERBUZZ TV – Dallas edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of TNT’s Dallas. In this show, host AJ Gibson breaks down the “Guilt & Innocence” episode in which in the aftermath of the explosion aboard Christopher’s rig, everyone suffers cuts and bruises, but Pamela and her babies are left fighting for their lives. At the hospital, Pamela makes Christopher promise that the babies will be saved if her life ends up hanging in the balance. Bobby forgives Ann for her deception regarding Emma. Harris Ryland’s mother suffers a broken leg after falling down the stairs at the Ryland mansion. She then tries to create a divide between Emma and Harris. Pamela’s mother Afton Cooper makes a surprise return to Dallas and blames Christopher for what happened on the rig. An initial investigation places the blame on Christopher. Pamela ends up miscarrying her and Christopher’s babies. Drew and Emma become closer and she talks him out of leaving town like he had originally planned. Ken Richards (Lee Majors), an old flame, re-enters Sue-Ellen’s life. John Ross and Sue-Ellen agree with Bobby that the family needs to present a united front in figuring out what happened on the rig. Bobby receives news on the possible whereabouts of his ex-wife Pam. There to help AJ is co-host Dorinda Barker. It’s Dallas’s “Guilt & Innocence” podcast!

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