Dallas S:2 | A Call to Arms; Love and Family E:12 & E:13 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Dallas edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of TNT’s Dallas. In this show, host Dorinda Barker breaks down the A Call to Arms; Love and Family episodes in which As Ewing Energies is on the verge of collapse at the hands of Harris Ryland and Cliff Barnes, the Ewings have no choice but to fight back with J.R.’s Masterpiece. Ann finds drugs in Emma’s dresser drawer as she is putting fresh flowers in Emma’s room. Emma and Sue-Ellen then offer conflicting accounts to Ann about what happened when Sue-Ellen saw Emma at the bar. Sue-Ellen then reminds Ann that sometimes parents have to make hard choices with regard to their children. After seeing what her father did to Drew, Emma decides to end their relationship and obtains prescription painkillers from a Southfork ranch hand in exchange for sexual favors. Sheriff Derrick keeps an eye on Harris Ryland’s trucks as a favor to Bobby. Pamela is forced to choose where her true loyalties lie after she becomes heartbroken over the fact that Cliff was responsible for the death of her babies. Christopher closes in on the search for his mother, Pam Ewing. Later, Pamela allies herself with John Ross, but Christopher’s doubt surrounding her makes him question her true allegiance. Pamela then demands and gets one-third of Barnes Global from her father and, afterwards, marries John Ross in a whirlwind ceremony. Drew shares a startling secret powerful enough to destroy her relationship with Christopher and then becomes a fugitive from justice. Elena then goes to Bobby about Drew’s role in the sabotage of the Ewing methane rig. Christopher and Elena head off to Zurich, Switzerland to try and find Pam. The conflict between Cliff Barnes and Bobby escalates to the point of Bobby reaching out for help from his ex-wife, Pam Ewing. Emma spirals deeper into drug addiction and, after being pulled over for driving under the influence, she is hauled off to jail. Cliff comes to take possession of Ewing Energies, but is reminded by Bobby that the battle is not over yet. There to help Dorinda is co-host Kellie Olisky. It’s Dallas’s “A Call to Arms; Love and Family” podcast!

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