‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Social Media Reactions!

The first three episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six dropped on Amazon Prime, and fans of the Taylor Jenkins Reid novel adaptation have been excited about the show on social media.

The highly anticipated screen adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel Daisy Jones & The Six has taken social media by storm, with enthusiastic fans sharing their favorite moments and easter eggs on Twitter.


Riley Keough’s casting of Daisy Jones is one that fans have loved in the show so far. That, coupled with Sam Claflin’s perfect casting as Billy Dunne, is just part of the reason why fans think this show does the book justice.

Fans of the book were also excited about the release of Aurora, along with the first few episodes of the show. The album by Daisy Jones & The Six is full of 70s-era jams that the band sings in the show.

The book and show, which is heavily inspired by Fleetwood Mac, had some fans tweeting about the band’s drama in relation to the newest episodes.

Fans have also been cheering on the incredible women in the show who in the first three episodes, gave phenomenal performances.

Easter Eggs

From the show’s classic opening credits, fans noticed the way the pictures set up the story and made it so personal.

Some easter eggs in the show have more to do with the actors rather than the book itself and have had fans gushing about the meticulous props and cultural nods in the show.

Some fans caught on to the conversation Daisy has in the first episode about The Swimmer, a film that came out in 1968 based on a short story by John Cheever, which is a commentary on privilege, social class, and the nightmare of the American Dream.

Fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s other books, like Malibu Rising, also spotted another easter egg in the show in the form of a calendar mentioned in the book.

With such a strong and exciting start, fans are excited for the rest of the show. New episodes drop every week on Friday on Prime Video.

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