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AFTERBUZZ TV — Crunch Time edition, is a Monthly “after show” for fans of RoosterTeeth’s Crunch Time. In this episode hosts Katie Cullen, Patrick Dees, Mark Donica, and Megan Salinas break down episode 6 with special guests Andrew Disney & Samm Levine.

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In a highly classified location, four brilliant, jackass grad students are interrogated by government operatives. Why? Because the world is about to end, and it’s all their fucking fault. After using reckless “cutting-edge” science for their own petty purposes, this rag tag team creates a small but potentially world-ending black hole in their college lab. The clock is ticking for this secret government agency to clean up the mess these “wannabe scientists” have made. With cooperation, the crisis could be averted before the world goes to shit. The problem? Well, these students are what you’d call bonafide assholes…and they don’t know what the hell they did to tear open the fabric of space and time. They’re clueless. The Solution? – tell these government operatives EVERY illegal thing they’ve done in the lab…

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