Crisis On Infinite Earths: Part Five Season 5 Episode 1 ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Review

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The timeline of today must be protected by the Legends of Tomorrow… Come hear all about it with the AFTERBUZZ TV LEGENDS OF TOMORROW AFTER SHOW PODCAST! Join us in OUR timeline as we break down and analyze every episode and character. Make sure to stick around for our fun special segments, news and gossip!

Episode Recap

The Crisis on Infinite Earths mini series concludes. Worlds lived, worlds died and nothing is the same. The heroes wake up on a new earth that is a merging of all Berlantiverse CW earths. Supergirl, Flash and Black Lightning share an earth now, Lex Luthor used his role as the paragon of truth to make himself a beloved public figure on this new earth and our heroes have their first team up, take down the Anti-Monitor and pay their respects to the man who made it all possible, Oliver Queen. Plus, Barry Allen introduces the rest of the heroes to the soon to be Hall of Justice – the perfect place for our heroes to get together when the need arises.
Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Frank Moran, Lauren Mosley

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