Couple Predictions for ’90 Day Fiancé’ Season 10!

’90 Day Fiancé’ season 10 has brought us couples from all around the world on their quest for true love. While we aren’t sure of the fates of these couples yet, we have our suspicions on how they may turn out in the end.

Jasmine & Gino

Through their years on 90 Day Fiancé this couple have had more fights and almost break ups then we can count; and this season is no exception. Jasmine is now in freezing cold Michigan and if these two thought that her being stateside would solve their issues, they were sadly mistaken. From Jasmine using their wedding money to buy implants, to Gino quitting his job, having a secret bachelor party at a strip club, Jasmine finding lipgloss in Gino’s car, and not to mention her feelings about his family, it’s a wonder these two have had any good moments this season.

Consensus: We know the fighting hasn’t ended especially with Jasmine still harboring the secret of her ex having helped pay for her butt implants but these two have always found a way for good or bad to stay together and we don’t believe this season will end any differently. We are pretty positive they will make it down the aisle and we will see their blow ups continue in an upcoming season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

Sophie & Robert


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These two have had a very rocky go of it to say the least. When Sophie first arrived everything seemed like a fairytale with Rob proposing at the airport, but that was short lived when Sophie accused him of breaking the elevator leaving them stuck inside. From Rob’s tiny apartment where the bathroom is outside, to Sophie potentially not wanting children, Rob’s online cheating, and Sophie being bisexual, these two have fought about pretty much everything and everywhere, including a sex shop.

Consensus: Between the fights, loss of trust, and not seeming to be on the same page about pretty much anything, we’re not sure if they will make it to “I do”. However, we have been surprised by couples before and these two could work it out, but they need to work on their communication and their ability to compromise.

Manuel & Ashley


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Manuel and Ashley definitely have a physical connection with each other, as they have told us time and time again. Both are very hard headed and stubborn and have very different ways of handling disagreements. Ashley wants to attack things head on and Manuel runs away when things make him too upset. They can’t seem to get on the same page about money spending particularly how much to send back to Ecuador and how much to spend on the wedding.

Consensus: While sex is an important part of a relationship it isn’t a fix for everything so this couple needs to work very hard on their communication if they want to stay together. These two will get married (because they’re to stubborn not to) but if things don’t change we can’t see them working out in the long run. At least we can trust Ashley’s mom to keep them in line.

Nick & Devin


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Nick and Devin have seemingly the most healthy relationship of the season and have already tied the knot. There was some little hiccups with Devin feeling bad about Nick leaving his family, her wedding dress not being what she wanted, and her family not being overly fond of Nick’s nickname for her (piggy), but they have worked through it all and came out the other side.

Consensus: This couple seems to have genuine love for each other and decent communication from what we can tell. They will definitely still be together by the end of the season. We do think they may have a move in their future though because we can’t see Nick being fulfilled living in a such a small town forever, and he does need to come up with a new, less insulting, nickname.

Justin & Nikki


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Another couple who have had a record breaking amount of fights since this season started are Justin and Nikki. These two can’t seem to get along for more than 1 hour. Justin, who is only called that because Nikki doesn’t like his given name Igor, has a lot of issues surrounding Nikki being transgender. Their lack of sexual intimacy really bothers Nikki and she has questioned many times if Justin is even attracted to her. Just when things seemed to be going well and the two were getting along better than they have all season, Justin lets Nikki know that he had been sleeping with other girls up until the moment they got engaged.

Consensus: It will be very surprising if these two make it to the end of the season. Even though Nikki is trying to make it work, Justin seems a lot of the time, like he doesn’t care one way or another. We can’t see their issues being resolved enough by the time Nikki returns back to the U.S. in order to stay together.

Anali & Clayton

Clayton was so excited to see his fiancé come to America but Anali hasn’t been returning the sentiment since she arrived. Of course it’s understandable to not be ecstatic coming into a situation where you’re living in a small apartment with Clayton’s mother living in the closet. However, she has raised some red flags, especially with her father not knowing that she’s moved full time to America to marry Clayton, or even who Clayton is for that fact. On the other hand she has done good things for Clayton getting him out of his shell and encouraging him to meet his best friend in person for the first time.

Consensus: While Anali has seemed a bit standoffish and hasn’t been physical with Clayton since arriving it could be that she may just not be super comfortable with the cameras and his mother around (we’re hoping this is the case). These two will make it and get married but they need to move into their own place if they want to have a healthy relationship.

Citra & Sam


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We are still getting to know this couple since they joined later in the season. They definitely have love for each other but they also have some issues, mainly surrounding Sam’s past drug use and the effects its still having on him to this day. This is heightened by the fact that Citra’s father is a police officer and doesn’t yet know that Sam may have to go to jail.

Consensus: These two will get married, especially since Sam is converting to Muslim, and her father is coming to the U.S. to oversee that and the wedding. We’ll have to wait to get to know them better as the rest of the season unfolds, but we believe they will still be together come time for the “Tell All”; hopefully not with Sam in a jail cell.

The second half of 90 Day Fiancé season 10 starts on Sunday January 7th on TLC, Discovery+, and Max!

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