Coup d‘État; Mutually Assured Destruction Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2 ’Dare Me’ Review & Recap

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Where is your loyalty? USA Network presents Dare Me, an exploration of the volatile dynamics of competitive high school cheerleading in a small Midwestern town. Join us on the AFTERBUZZ TV DARE ME AFTERSHOW PODCAST, where we’ll be breaking down every lie, every backstab, every success and failure along the way.

Join host Taylor Gates and Eboné Chatman as we walk through episode 1 (Coup d’Etat) and 2 (Mutually Assured Destruction) of Dare Me on USA. This week we talked about the complex character building in this show, the way they are all equally as complicated individually and together. We also talked about the co-dependent relationships between all the characters, as they are all have deep rooted issues steming from choices made by them or for them.

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