Country Music Breakout Star Jesse Lynn Madera on New Album Fortunes

Written by: Bryant Santos – April 25th, 2020 11:58am pst


Jesse Lynn Madera has kicked down The Door of the music industry with the release of her new album Fortunes, and with nods to many genres including country and soul, Jesse shares that her new album is like a weighted blanket and a good snuggle wrapped up in one. Jesse joined me for a fun interview talking about all things Fortunes, and even treated me to a home concert that I was fortunate enough to witness.

When talking about how Jesse is staying busy in quarantine, she mentioned that she’s loving the family time with her kids and fellow Hollywood husband, Hemky Madera of Queen of the South. Jesse discussed the family’s current obsession with badminton, her love of cooking, and how quarantine has been a great time for her to reset.

We broached the topic of how the music industry is still going, and we’re all able to still connect with each other thanks to apps like Zoom and today’s technology. Jesse had this to say about that idea:

“We just had a birthday party from one of my friends over Zoom the other night, and there’s definitely some adjustment, cos you’re like wait, who’s talking. And then I learned that you follow the box, you know, it’s like a game. It’s pretty neat, and we have access to performances that we wouldn’t normally have access to.”

One of these performances that Jesse loved was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s recent Phantom of the Opera rendition.

As we began discussing the masterpiece that is Fortunes, Jesse’s passion for this album shined through and I could tell how Sentimental it was for her. Jesse shared how the album has very few digital elements to it as almost all of the instrumentals are real, not sampled.

After Jesse shared some of her favorite parts of this album, we talked about the Funny Man, or men on this album in John Hawkes and Joel Taylor. Jesse had this to say about her experience working with these stars:

“This started out as a duet album, but it’s a challenge. My original idea was to hear a male voice that I loved and write a song for that voice to sing. And, the writing of the song is fun, and then it’s really super fun if, like, the guy shows up and knows the song and asks questions and is involved. But then, it’s not so fun if the person shows up and they don’t know what’s going on and then…you know, you’re working with different people’s work ethics. So, I ended up just taking these two songs and these two guys they just showed up 100% body and soul to do what they do. And John Hawkes, he’s the one singing on “You With The Sullen Eyes”, I mean, he’s an incredible actor. I mean, his body of work, is really, really spectacular. He’s one of those special artists. He showed up and he treated the song like a script, you know. He got his pencil out and he asked questions and he’s underlining things and he was making it personal to him, and I feel like his delivery reflects the investment that he put into the song. And Joel Taylor, he came at it from a very similar direction. He’s an incredible singer and songwriter in his own right”, she shared.

After all of this, Jesse treated me to a sweet rendition of her title track “Fortunes” that quite honestly gave me chills. Thank you Jesse for sharing your gift with me and the world!

If you want to hear Jesse’s soul as much as I felt it in this interview, check out her new album Fortunes, available now on most digital platforms. Also, be sure to follow Jesse on her Instagram @jesselynnmadera and Twitter @JesseLMadera to see more of her and her music, her husband Hemky, and her adorable family.

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