Council Of Dads S1 E8 & E9 Recap & After Show: Dear Dad, there’s a storm brewin’ cause your are NOT THE FATHER!

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Ep 8.  In the aftermath of Anthony confessing to Robin about being Luly’s father, Robin and the rest of the Council tell Luly the news.  Larry confronts Anthony with advice on not making the same mistakes he made before Anthony flees to Vegas.  Luly gets no response from Anthony, so she flies out to Vegas initially to confront him, and ends up forgiving him.  Oliver and Peter meet their baby to be’s with mother and discover that they will be having a boy. Larry tries to start repairing his relationship with his daughter.
Ep 9. Luly’s revealing blog mistakenly gets published by the Gazette. She goes to the Crab Shack to help prepare it for the storm and teams up with Larry.  They convince his estranged daughter Lauren to stay with them to ride out the store at Luly and Evan’s house.  Robin and the kids go to Oliver’s and Peter’s to ride out the storm, but they can’t find the dog.  JJ confesses to Theo that he accidentally locked the dog in the basement, so Theo steals Robin’s car to rescue the dog. Robin finds out and goes to rescue Theo who has gotten trapped in the basement. She does but the car gets blocked by a fallen tree.  Anthony shows up and rescues them.

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