Council Of Dads S1 E7 Recap & After Show: I’m Coming Out & Baby on Board!

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What’s better than one Dad? Three Dads! Join the COUNCIL OF DADS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, as we watch three friends offer their paternal guidance to their late friend’s children. With Episode Reviews, Recaps, and more; Subscribe and comment to say up to date.

Episode 6: “Heart Medicine” Charlotte needs emergency heart surgery and while in her surgery she sees Scott. We end up learning more about the Charlotte who came to join the Perry family and who Charlotte is now. Oliver reveals that he and Peter want to adopt a baby. Theo and Jules bond and admit they love each other. While Luly finally meets her original adoptive parents, she finds out shocking news about Scott that Anthony had been hiding. Before spreading Scott’s ashes at the lake in their backyard, Charlottes comes out to her family.
Episode 7: “The Best-Laid Plains” Anthony contemplates a job offer in Vegas to avoid the guilt he’s been carrying for over two decades. Evan’s loyalties are tested between his mother and Luly during his mother’s award reception at their church. When Oliver confronts Anthony about his secret, Anthony pushes him away. and tries to run away. Robin’s new patient gets into an accident as she goes into labor and she is confronted by Sam, the cop.
This episode was hosted by: Sean McHugh, Chae’ Jones, and Kay Montgomery.

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