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Episode Recap

In the SERIES FINALE of Empire, Bossy Fest goes down and things get wild. Cookie’s therapist tells her that Loretha might’ve been lost during the search for Cookie, so she begins to struggle with balancing these feelings and her prep for Bossy Fest. To make matters worse, Lucious tells Cookie that he’s going on tour with Yana and also that he actually wrote to her during her time in prison. Cookie’s got no time for his foolishness and instead joins Candace for drinks to celebrate her new talk show. As we move into Bossy Fest, we see amazing performances from Hakeem and Maya, Kash Doll, and even Tiana and Porsha! After this, Luscious ends up changing his mind and tells Yana he won’t be joining her on tour. Yana shares an emotionally-charged performance of Home Is On The Way while we relive our favorite Coocuis moments. When Damon catches Cookie and Yana sharing a heartfelt goodbye after her performance, he ends up shooting Yana, she’s killed, and we were all shook. As Cookie (now Loretha) gets ready for a night out with Candace, Lucious and Damon get into their final epic battle at the Lyon Manor. Loretha comes in at the right time to save Lucious and we end the series with Coocuis and the premiere of The Birth of An Empire, which signifies that the Empire legacy will live on forever.

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