ColourPop’s ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Makeup Collection Proves 2000’s Fashion Is Here To Stay

With ColourPop Cosmetics’ upcoming makeup collaboration with ‘Lizzie McGuire,’ we look at our endless love for 2000’s style and some other Y2K TV show/movie fashion we’d like to make a comeback. 

Nostalgia can be fashion’s greatest weapon or greatest downfall. In ColourPop’s case, it can bring back special memories in a creative way. The cosmetic company recently announced a new Lizzie McGuire makeup collection that includes a sparkly eye shadow palette, different shiny lipglosses, glittered gels, and rosy pink blush. Set to release Friday, March 26th at 10 a.m PST, the collection raises an important question. Why are we so obsessed with Y2k style?

Y2K style can be described as a resurgence of trends from the late ‘90s to the start of 2010. From matching tracksuits, bedazzled crop tops, pleated skirts, bandanas, butterfly clips, and brightly colored eyeshadows and liners, 2000s fashion was all about making a statement and looking fabulous while doing it. Iconic Characters and celebrities like Elle Woods, Lizzie McGuire, Raven Baxter, Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, the Olsen Twins, and Blair Waldorf became fashion moguls for many young people.

Now, celebrities and young people, specifically Generation Z, are taking inspiration from this style to fuel their own fashion choices. Rapper and songwriter Saweetie posted a video to Instagram with 2000’s star Paris Hilton. Both wore matching pink 2000’s inspired sweatsuits while playing Saweetie’s new song “Best Friend.” TikTok creators are making picture day videos set in the mid-2000s with various high school tropes.

Dress code doesn’t exist in this vid (creds:@gracebritt )#fyp#foryou#2000s#aesthetic#pictureday

♬ Easy 2000s songs – Amber Fares

As I’m also a part of Generation Z, I think there’s some comfort in dressing like past trends. We grew up watching movies like Legally Blonde and Mean Girls and dancing along to the Hannah Montana and Cheetah Girls soundtracks. We may have seen this media at a very young age, but it doesn’t mean we weren’t influenced by it. Especially at a time of chaos during the pandemic, looking to the past helps us avoid the present. Many of us are juggling the ropes of adulthood, and reliving the happy moments of our childhood can bring a sort of peace. These styles become a part of our identity. It only makes sense that people would want to embrace it. The outfits are fun too! By dressing in flashy and bright 2000s fashion, young people have an outlet to be authentic and different.

With Y2K style making a comeback, here are some fashion trends from 2000’s films and TV shows we believe should make a comeback.

The Mermaid Hair in Aquamarine

Now the waves might be coming back into popular culture, but the added blue streaks are what makes this style so iconic!

Sequined Red Dress from Sleepover

Can this be more than a 2000’s inspired Halloween costume? This dress gives sophistication with a little bit of dancing fever.

Mary Kate Olsen’s Red Cap Band Tee Combo in New York Minute

These styles may seem like they wouldn’t work together, but for some reason, they just do! With her band t-shirt and red cap, Olsen gives us rocker chic. It’s a style so revolutionary and fun. Who wouldn’t want to walk down the streets of NYC in that outfit?

Anything in London Tipton’s Closet

From London Tipton’s pink heels to wild patterned dresses, we want it all!

Overall, from matching tracksuits to Colourpop’s glittery eyeshadow palette, 2000’s fashion is making a comeback, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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