‘Cobra Kai’s Griffin Santopietro Talks Anthony LaRusso’s Transformation!

Griffin Santopietro is talking about all things Cobra Kai including what to expect for his character  Anthony next season. Plus the superheroes he would love to play in the DCEU and MCU!

Season 4 of Cobra Kai is anything but disappointing. From the storyline, the fighting scenes, to even the character development, each episode kept fans on the edge of their seats.

One of the stand-out characters this season was Anthony LaRusso, played by Griffin Santopietro, who had a phenomenal story arc.

In an exclusive interview, Santopietro spoke with Benny Adams on Let’s Binge About It about his character’s journey and what fans can expect from Anthony in season 5.

Anthony Larusso was introduced as the younger brother to Samantha Larusso (Mary Mouser) and the son of Daniel ( Ralph Macchio) and Amanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggeler). Viewers didn’t get to see much of the talented actor until this current season, when fans got to see a different side of the youngest LaRusso.

“I liked the direction my character went this season because in the previous season Anthony was kind of a jerk, he was just this annoying little brat, and I think one thing season 4 did well was that it made you see that’s not all he is. He’s under this pressure within his friend group to act like that even though that’s not really who he wants to be. I’m glad my character didn’t have this quick change where all of a sudden he’s this nice guy, I like how there is this ease in getting to know him better.” Explained Santopietro

Not only does Santopietro get to work on one of Netflix’s biggest shows, but he also gets to star alongside some talented actors.

“It’s been great working with the cast. During my first couple of seasons, I was mostly with Ralph and Courtney the whole time, which was amazing especially at such a young age because I was able to watch them work. These last two seasons were also great because one, I was older and we got the younger cast involved like Dallas Dupree and Oona O’ Brien.” Said Santopietro

Although season 5 has already finished filming Netflix has not announced a release date. Griffin couldn’t reveal much about next season, but you can expect to see more Anthony in the future as he continues his journey.

“One of my favorite things about next season is that you see Anthony is continuing to grow as a person. He feels bad for what he did to Kenny.”

Outside of Cobra Kai Griffin is a huge comic book fan, and would one day love to be a part of the DCEU or MCU.

“I have a list of the superheroes I would want to play. I would start with DC with the new Batman movie that’s out, obviously playing Robin would be great. I think Wiccan from The Young Avengers would be an interesting character to play as well and even Superboy.” Said Santopietro.

Season 4 of Cobra Kai is currency streaming on Netflix, catch the full interview with Griffin Santopietro below.

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