Claws S:2 | Scream E:4 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

This week on Claws dived into Quiet Ann’s character, and OMG–it was incredible. This entire episode spoke volumes and each host had a lot to say. Jeff Graham led the conversation eloquently, while Jazzie made sure to shout out our fans on live chat. Rochelle Pollard made excellent points throughout the show, as well as the other hosts. Jaimi Gray made sure to give the juicy news & gossip, and overall, it was a well put-together after show. We can’t wait until next week!! 🙂

The Claws After Show:

Think nail manicurist meets world of crime…that is the plot of Claws. In the CLAWS AFTER SHOW we discuss what happens each episode on the show and explore all the crimes via reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions along with insider scoop from cast and crew.

Following the lives of some manicurists who work in a Florida nail salon.

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