Christopher Kane Judges Rock n Roll – S1 E6 ‘Next In Fashion’ Recap & Review

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Are you ready to strut your stuff? We sure are, on THE AFTERBUZZ TV NEXT IN FASHION AFTERSHOW PODCAST, where we talk everything that Tan and Alexa are bringing to the table. Ever look, every design, everything Next In Fashion, we have it all. Come join us as we break down every episode, as well as give you that hot news and gossip in the fashion world. Also make sure to stick around for our Special Segments, so you can bring those looks to life.

Episode Recap

There are only five teams left to do the rock n roll challenge. Angel and Minju are in the bottom two again. Claire and Adolfo are also in the bottom two and end up going home. Surprisingly, Carli and Daniel win the competition. It’s announced from here on out no more teams – it will be every man for himself.
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