Chrissy Teigen Shares How She Is Processing the Loss of Her Son

After suffering a miscarriage, Chrissy is sharing how she has been coping.

Two months ago today, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend lost their third child, a son. After a month, Teigen was unable to stop the bleeding, which eventually lead to her miscarriage.

Over the past two months, Chrissy has been laying low, attending therapy, cooking, and more to work through this difficult time. She recently opened up about how this time has been, saying it has been “brutal, exhausting, sad, physically challenging, mentally painful bitches of a couple months.”

She has been finding the humor in these times to stay sane. Teigen took to her Instagram stories to share how her team and her have been rating her outfits to determine how she is doing. A level 1 is best, and level 10 is the worst, saying that they should probably not be having a meeting that day.

In her post, she goes on to say that she is already seeing the leaves as orange instead of grey, and the sky is indeed blue and not black. Horn honks on her forced morning walks only bring her to her knees half the time. She can make it up her stairs, only stopping once or twice instead of every other, and can get out of the bathtub all by herself as long as she has the promise John will dry her off.

She even took to Twitter to explain to her followers why she hasn’t been as active recently.

On her Instagram stories, she explained in more detail that she is too tired to stand to take a shower so she has been taking baths. Chrissy even shared that she has found the perfect blend of bath products for her bubble bath. Although she wishes there was a product that would make all the bubbles go away, so you didn’t have to get out of the bath all sticky. She even compared it to Dr. Diamond giving you too much filler and how he has to use something to dissolve it.

Chrissy has also been cooking it up in the kitchen. She and her co-author Adeena Sussman made Thanksgiving dinner at Chrissy and John’s old house one last time.

Chrissy even got to see her dad for the first time in a while. She, her daughter Luna, and he all danced together in a video she posted on her Instagram.

To keep in the fun mood, Chrissy and her mom went “Black Friday” shopping at Crate and Barrel over the weekend. In a video she posted to Twitter, Chrissy shoved Pepper into the wall to be the first to grab the pillows.

Keeping it very real, Chrissy admits that her brain and body are a little screwy right now, as she acknowledges how lucky her life is.

We wish Chrissy all the best as she navigates this tough time in her life.

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