Chesapeake Shores S:3 | Love Eventually E:5 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

Today’s episode Marisa Serafini, Julana Dizon, Tay Alexandria, & Carlina Will talk about Connor and Mick slowly make amends, David comes back for his Princess Jess, Bree learns to edit her life with Simon’s help, Trace serenades a new song for Abby, and Sarah faces a near-death experience and makes Kevin realizes how much he actually loves her. Love all around!

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Do you want to go home? You’re always at home with the O’Brien family. In our CHESAPEAKE SHORES AFTER SHOW every week we delve into the ups and downs of love, friendships, and family. You don’t want to miss it so tune in right here, if you share our love for this family and we’ll meet you at the shore!

Abby O’Brien Winters returns to her hometown of Chesapeake Shores, Maryland, after receiving a panicked phone call from her younger sister Jess, who has renovated the Inn at Eagle Point. Abby’s demanding career, divorce, and young twin daughters have kept her too busy to even think about the town her father built. Saving her sister’s inn from foreclosure means dealing not only with her fractured family but also with Trace Riley, the man she left ten years ago. He initially is an obstacle but becomes an unexpected ally and a second chance at finding love.

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