Chelsea Briche Interview | AfterBuzz TV’s Chatting With Cathy

Chatting With Cathy, hosted by AfterBuzz TV’s Cathy Kelley is a long form interview series featuring influentials in the industry. In this episode, Cathy sits down with fashion blogger Chelsea Briche. Chelsea can be found on her blog “MillennialMiss”.

“As I blew out my candles on my 25th birthday I secretly wished the universe would grant me a “life handbook ” wrapped in a pretty pink bow. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like someone, somewhere, should have told me to buckle up for ultimate roller coaster ride we call “our twenties.”  The balancing act of being Suzy homemaker all while kicking ass and taking names could be considered a full time job. Whipping up a delicious meal, mastering Pinterest crafts, and shrinking your jean size all while smiling in the perfect outfit only looks effortlessly beautiful in the movies but this my friends is real life and it doesn’t come with a golden handbook. 

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