Chef Wayne Elias guests on 24 Hours To Hell & Back S:2 Boardwalk 11 E:7 Review

An apathetic owner and disempowered chef are on order for today’s episode but hosts Mike Thieling and Xia Anderson have help – Chef Wayne Elias, owner of Rockwell Table & Stage and Crumble Catering guest hosts and tries to help explain the madness that Chef Ramsey experiences every week.

Gordon Ramsay is BACK! And we’re going to hell to meet him! Will we be back?! Let’s find out! On the GORDAN RAMSAY’S TO HELL AND BACK AFTERBUZZ TV AFTERSHOW, we’re breaking down every dish, every challenge, every contestant, and more in the gripping new season of the show! Tune in weekly for exclusive insider info, opinions on the episodes, and more! Hit that subscribe button and leave a comment for a shout out on the show!

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