Celebs Who Love Video Games

Whether we like it or not, gamers are EVERYWHERE.

We are in the age that most people have picked up a controller to play on the Playstation, the various Nintendo consoles, the Xbox, Xbox One, and Xbox One X (soon to have the Xbox Series X), or even whole computers to delve into the life of being a ‘gamer’. Even, and especially, the rich and famous have decided to dwell in the dominion of the Dance Dance Revolution– Here are some that may surprise you:

Daniel Craig

Did you know that the most recent 007 has more than dipped his hand into the digital world? He admitted in a 2011 interview with IGN that he and Jon Favreau played Red Dead Redemption together, after Craig mentioned he played some in preparation for the 2011 fantasy drama, Cowboys & Aliens, though he also admits that he was shocked at the speed of the news of his gaming antics: “God that gets around f—ing quickly doesn’t it?”

You’re not a real spy, Mr. Craig, and you cannot hide the gamer inside.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Two-time Golden Globe winner, star of the famed Halloween series, co-star in Freaky Friday, Jamie Lee Curtis is unabashedly a gamer.

In an interview with Digital Trends, she opens up about her interest in Cosplay, Conventions, and GAMES. She and her son, Tom, both attended the famed Blizzcon, a convention hosted by Blizzard, famed creators of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft, as well as recently famed Overwatch, and did so in cosplay. Much of her appreciation for modern gaming has come from Tom’s interest, especially in the game League of Legends and the esports scene surrounding it, saying, “My mind was exploded by the possibility that 10 young people sitting in front of computers could get the Staples Center on its feet. I was shocked and awed by the power of eSports – not only the fan worship, but the amount of money these people made.”

The gaming bug gets into all of us at some point, Ms. Lee Curtis, but I’m glad you’ve found such a fun way to bond with your son andI hope that it’s something you share for a long time!

Ronda Rousey

This UFC Champion can, and will, kick your ass in real life and in World of Warcraft. According to an article on gamingcentral.in, Ronda has also attended Blizzcon, even as recently in 2017, in an AMAZING cosplay as the in-game playable class known as a Death Knight.

She has said she and Vin Diesel played World of Warcraft together on set for Furious 7. Further, she’s posted more of her gaming experiences on her own instagram, such as her playing Forza on the Xbox One X! Clearly, Ronda is proof that gamers come in all shapes and sizes, and honestly I hope to emulate her ability to invest into games and also stay in such good health. Here’s to you, badass!

Henry Cavill

In his recent success in The Witcher series on Netflix, Henry Cavill plays Geralt the Witcher as both an actor and a player.

In an interview with IGN back in 2018, before he was even considered for the role for the Netflix series, Henry stated that he “…just replayed, all the way through. Love that game,” when he referred to The Witcher 3, the third installment of the game series based off of the original books.

Anyone who knows anything about the Witcher series will know that it takes some serious hours to get through the games once, let alone twice! On top of that, in another IGN interview back in 2013, he admitted to missing the acceptance call for his role as Superman in Man of Steel because he was playing World of Warcraft.

These are only a few of the many gamers that hide amongst the stars. I hope to one day find out that Sir Ian Mckellen played Fortnite in his free time on the set for the movie Cats with Dame Judi Dench. Maybe, even, perhaps, we’ll find that Lupita N’yongo plays Super Mario Odyssey– Or perhaps, that Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. played Minecraft together while on set for Avengers.

We know you’re out there, gamers. Thank you to all those celebs who have already expressed their love for games, and I hope to run into you sometime.

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