Celebs Who Love Long Nails

Okay, so they might not be conducive for typing, tying your shoes, or picking things out of your teeth, but long nails look freaking good. Whether they are squared, pointed or rounded, it doesn’t matter, celebs love to rock long nails.

Jennifer Hudson

It’s no surprise that she was cast in Cats, because Hudson loves to unleash her claws. She even wears them o’natural! We wish our nails could grow like these real beauties. Meow J-Hud, meow.

Gwen Stefani

She might wear her hair short, but Stefani likes her nails long. Sometimes even to the detriment of her musical process. As she told GQ, “I can play a little guitar. Not with my “hooker nails” I have on right now.” Beauty is pain, Gwen.

Vanessa Hudgens

Sporting some of our fav looks, Vanessa Hudgens’s nails are always on point. Especially come coachella time (which is pictured above) you can count on Hudgens to bring it. She’s even coated her nails in Swarovski crystals before!


Part of being Bad Girl Riri means having badass nails. She’s painted them every color under the sun, and sometimes her nails are even longer than her fingers. Her nail artists must really go to work (work work work work).

Kylie Jenner

Let’s face it, the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan always have amazing nails. Kylie’s are usually long and beautiful with a squared tip. So you’re telling us she’s the youngest self-made billionaire, and she’s got killer style? Not fair.

So it might be hard to play guitar, and your wallet probably won’t like you, but at least you’ll look good! And hey, if all else fails you can get a job as a…back scratcher? Is that even a thing? Oh well, we tried.

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