Celebs Wear Pink Suits To Support Women Running For Office

Mandy Moore, Amy Schumer, and more celebs wear bright pink suits to encourage and empower women running for office.

Red, white, blue, and pink?! With election season in the air, it’s now the most important time to make sure your voice is heard. Celebrities such as Mandy Moore, Sophia Bush, Amy Schumer, Brooklyn Decker, and June Diane are showing their support in the most fashionable way.

These celebrities have been spotted on social media wearing bright pink suits created by womenswear company Argent in collaboration with Supermajority. This organization seeks to get more women running for office and to encourage them to vote.

Using the #AmibitionSuitsYou, these celebrities shared their passion for fashion and politics.

“To all the people who say our ambition is a bad look: Face it. Women are the most powerful force in America. We are the majority of people and voters in this country, and we will determine the outcome of this election. @argent x @supermajority have teamed up to celebrate our ambition and our awesome civic power loudly and proudly with this limited-edition bright pink suit—with proceeds benefiting Supermajority’s tireless efforts to build a powerful, diverse, women-led future where we are truly equal. #amibitionsuitsyou.” Said Mandy Moore in an Instagram caption.

Amy Schumer also shared a picture of her wearing the iconic suit, and fellow actress Kate Hudson shared her support by commenting on Schumer’s post.

“Yeah, we are! AND the pink suit is solid. AND Supermajority’s efforts make me feeel good and happy about our future…so…GIVE ME THAT SUIT!” Said Hudson in her comment.

Sophia Bush also shared an empowering message on her Instagram. “Ambition is something I admire in womxn. There’s lots of folks out there who fear our power — we are the majority of voters and the majority of the population after all — and want to detract from our ambition, or make us ashamed of it. To those people? I say GOOD LUCK! We aren’t going anywhere. We are taking up space and fighting for each other and building big, beautiful communities rooted in justice and joy.” Said Bush.

Brooklyn Decker was already ready and decked out in her suit for the Vice President Debate that was held Wednesday.

“If this suit doesn’t scream, “I am ready for this debate!!” I don’t know what does. Women are the majority of voters in this country—let’s make it count.” Said Decker.

June Diane shared the same enthusiasm with a caption saying, “I took off my bra and put on my @argent suit to get ready to watch tonight’s debate. @supermajority and argent are celebrating ambition and proceeds from this sick suit benefit Supermajority’s efforts to build a powerful, diverse, women-led future where we are truly equal. #ambitionsuitsyou.” Said Diane.

Let’s join in with these celebrities and make sure our voices will be heard this election and remember to vote Nov. 3!

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