Celebs React to ‘The Undoing’

HBO’s The Undoing has captured the attention of everyone, including your favorite celebs!

We promise no spoilers for those of you who haven’t watched yet!

The Undoing has captured the attention of everyone this holiday weekend, even your favorite celebrities. They are either just starting the show or guessing who the murderer is.

Shay Mitchell and her boyfriend Matte made a heavy wager before watching the finale episode of the show. They each had predictions on who the murderer was, and Matte said that if he was wrong, Shay could shave off his hair, which he has been growing out for the past 2 years! Shay would have to do something that Matte chose if she was wrong.

Well, from Shay’s Instagram stories, Matte was wrong as Shay took a razor to his hair.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, is just trying to start the show. She shared how she is just starting, but that one of her kids came into her room late at night, so she couldn’t watch.

Kim went on to share screenshots of her group texts, where all everyone is doing is talking about The Undoing. Will Kim be able to watch the show? Nicole Kidman, who plays Grace, told Kendall to rewatch the show with Kim.

Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Ashley Benson all have watched the mini-series as well. They couldn’t believe what happened. Hailey captioned her post with just a bunch of exclamation points. Kendall said, “OH MY GOODNESS !!!!!” after she watched the finale.

Travis Scott was also very excited about the finale, tweeting that he can’t be the only one waiting for it to come out.

He even went on to ask his followers who they thought the murderer was.

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