Celebrity Rehab S:4 | Episode 9 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew that features hosts breaking down the episode. In this episode, host Phil Svitek breaks down the episode in which on Day 18, with graduation approaching, Drew and Bob talk to the addicts in process group about their aftercare plans. Drew, observing that Frankie’s volatility has increased since she began sharing a room with Janice, tries to talk to her about the childhood abuse inflicted upon her by her grandmother. On Day 19, Janice talks to Drew and Shelly about the irritability she’s been experiencing due to Ativan withdrawal, and her memories of childhood abuse, leading to an emotional moment between her, Frankie and Rachel. Drew has the group meet a family that was devastated by drugs. Jason, who Drew says is his most dangerous patient, defiantly refuses Drew’s aftercare recommendations, even after Drew and his staff confront him about his poor health, and insist that he enter an in-patient program in Malibu. There to help Phil are co-hosts Michelle and Melissa Macedo. In the special segment, they discuss Dr. Drew as a person and a doctor. It’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew’s season 4 episode 9!

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