Celebrities You May Not Know Are Latinx Including Bella Thorne, Bruno Mars, & More!

There are tons of celebrities you probably didn’t know were Hispanic, but are extremely proud of where they came from. Here’s a list of a few of our favorite celebs you may not have known were Latinx!

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As a proud Hispanic woman, it’s always fun to learn about other celebrities who share the same background. From Sofia Vergara to Jennifer Lopez, the love and support for the Hispanic community in the entertainment industry is abundant. That being said, here are some celebs that you maybe didn’t know were also fellow Hispanic community members that spread the love for their heritage!

Bella Thorne

This former Disney star is half Cuban from her father’s side and has been very open about her Spanish upbringing. Thorne’s first language was actually Spanish and admits that her mom still yells at her in her full name in Spanish which is Annabella. She was also the cover of Latina Magazine where she opens up about her heritage.

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Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

This Jersey Shore star, may seem like the epitome of Italian from what we’ve seen on the show, was actually born in Santiago, Chile. When she was only six months old, she was adopted by an Italian-American family thus explaining how she became known to us all as Snooki. Nonetheless, she’s proud of where she came from and considers herself both Chilean and Italian!

Bruno Mars

Although his music is not in Spanish, Bruno Mars is actually part Puerto Rican on his father’s side. He has opened up about changing his name from what was originally Peter Hernández to Bruno Mars, to avoid being forced to only sing as a Latino artist. Despite the name change, he still shows love for the Hispanic community and has stated that he is very proud of his Puerto Rican roots!

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David Archuleta

This former American Idol star happens to speak fluent Spanish as his mother is from Honduras and his father is Spanish-Basque. He continues to support his roots and even performed for his Church’s 2015 Latino Event in Salt Lake City. He is very proud of where he comes from and never loses sight of that which is quite respectful!

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Rebecca Black

Friday singer Rebecca Black is another fellow Latina which is something a lot of people don’t know about her. She has opened up stating that she is half Hispanic as her mother immigrated to the United States from Mexico. Nevertheless, Black speaks highly about coming to terms with her Hispanic roots and truly embraces who she is, which we love!

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It’s always fun to learn fun facts you didn’t know about celebrities, and even more so to learn about how they were raised. We can connect with them and have the opportunity to relate if they share something similar with us. These celebs may not be as public with their heritage, but nonetheless each of them fully support and show immense love to the Hispanic community!

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