Celebrities With The Most Leo Energy!

Steve Carell, Jennifer Lopez, and so many more of your favorite celebrities embody their Leo sun sign in everything they do. Now that we’re almost at the end of the season we’re listing out the celebs who truly embody their sign. 

Leo’s, known for their bold personalities and larger than life energy, have dominated the celebrity world for as long as we can remember. Due to their charismatic nature and never ending supply of creativity, it makes sense that this fire sign would thrive in stardom! Passionate, chaotic, and spirited are all words to define those born during Leo season. The list of celebs below were born between July 23 and August 22 and emanate everything it means to be a true Leo. With the season well upon us, we decided to share the most Leo-esque qualities from these Leo born stars!

Daniel Radcliffe – July 23rd

This actor never lost his child-like, charming qualities that earned him the famous role of Harry Potter, sparking his career. He balances his hard working personality with his playful side, the mark of any Leo!

Jennifer Lopez – July 24th

In her show stopping performances, Lopez gives every second she’s on stage her all. She has never slowed down and created an enormous following from her very first movie to her latest hit film.

Taylor Momsen – July 26th

Leaving a secure acting career to pursue her dreams of being a musician, Momsen pulled a total Leo move and decided to go after her dream. We’re really glad that she did! Her band, The Pretty Reckless, has been performing together since 2009. Momsen’s tough decision to chase rock and roll stardom was a success! Leos are big risk takers and will always go after what they want. This summer the band even toured 10 countries.

Maya Rudolph – July 27th

From her plethora of movie sets to SNL, the actress brings light to all of her co-stars as well as her audience. Rudolph always leaves everyone laughing.

Tim Gunn – July 29th

The fashion icon’s up front personality tells you everything you need to know about his Leo personality. Leos will tell you how it is whether you want to hear it or not.


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Terry Crews – July 30th

You can often tell Leos apart from the other zodiac sign because of their high energy and charm. Crews exudes this magnetic energy throughout all of his interviews, and we can’t get enough of it!

BJ Novak

Like many other Leo’s, this multi-talented celebrity lets his personality shine through his creativity. Leos naturally are skilled in the creative field, especially comedy!

Tom Brady – August 3rd

Relentless and self-sufficient are two words we would use to describe any Leo that we meet! Brady fits this description just as much as the next Leo. Winning 7-time Super Bowl championships, shows his dedication to his craft. However, his playful side is apparent in any of his hilarious Instagram or Tik Tok posts.


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Meghan Markle – August 4th

Following her dreams and paving her own way regardless of what others say. Markle was thrust into the spotlight while her every move was being ridiculed. Instead of listening to negativity, she shut down anyone who didn’t support her by refusing to follow the norm. Leos know how to tap into their power and will stand up for what they believe in!

Viola Davis – Aug 11

This actress uses her platform and reaches to leave a positive impact on the world around her. Having positive, engaging relationships with others is very much a Leo quality.

Halle Berry – Aug 14th

Leo’s love to move, spread their joy and leave their energy for all to see. Of course, Berry implemented all of her most Leo traits by creating rē•spin.


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Steve Carell – Aug 16th

A Leo through and through, Carell has incorporated Leo’s energy into every aspect of his career. Most known for his strong comedic presence, it’s no surprise that Leos love to make everyone around them laugh. Yes, they love being the center of attention, but they love genuine interactions even more.

Madonna – Aug 16th

Leo’s love to stray from the rules, breaking them, and then creating their own. Madonna paved the way for many female artists, forcing audiences to accept provocative, outspoken women. She took the definition of femininity back into her hands!

Demi Lovato – Aug 20th

One of the boldest artists in this generation, Lovato is no stranger to speaking their mind and letting their inner strength shine! Through these traits, they embrace everything it means to be a Leo.


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Happy Leo season to all of you wild fire signs!

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