Celebrities Who Embody Their Zodiac Signs!

Each zodiac sign has specific traits and people born in that sign either have some or all of them. Here are 12 celebs who exemplify the traits of their sun signs!

Whether or not you believe in astrology, the connection some people share with the traits of their sun sign (the sign they were born under) is almost too real to be a coincidence. While some people may not connect to their sun sign, others totally embody them. Here are 12 celebs who exemplify the traits of their sun signs!

Aries – Heath Ledger

The late great Heath Ledger was an Aries if we’ve ever seen one. Outgoing, confident, enthusiastic and honest, Heath embodied many of the traits associated with Aries, his sun sign. Motivated and audacious, Heath was very passionate about his craft and was a perfect fit with his extroverted personality and many talents. Known for their passion, bravery and creativity, Aries are natural-born leaders in their industries — just like Heath.


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Taurus – Cher

Taureans are ruled by Venus, meaning they’re aligned with love, beauty and aesthetic: this makes total sense for Cher, one of the most beautiful women of all time. Stubborn and hardworking, Taurus is a sign tied to their hard work — this would explain Cher’s decades-long career in music and film and many accolades for both. Taurus strives for comfort and pleasure, often through means of luxury, which makes Cher’s infamous “Mom, I am a rich man,” and “men are like dessert” statements make even more sense (as if they weren’t already perfect mantras to live by).


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Gemini – Tom Holland

Tom Holland is a textbook Gemini: witty, charming and extroverted. Geminis are also known to be multi-faceted and possess many different talents, which would explain Tom’s gifts in acting and dance! Tom is adaptable, outgoing, well-spoken and intelligent, like any Gemini is. Geminis are also talkative and usually hard-pressed to keep a secret (through no fault of their own, just by their chatty nature), which would explain why Tom has accidentally spoiled some of his Marvel movies so many times.


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Cancer – Princess Diana

Princess Diana, in true Cancer fashion, was sensitive, kind and cared deeply about the feelings and needs of other. Cancers are associated with motherhood and maternal instinct, which makes sense of Princess Di, whose children were such an important part of her life that she broke royal protocol to participate in a school field day for her sons. A massive part of Diana’s legacy was her compassion and her love of her people, which is aligned with Cancers’ natural empathy and desire to help others (also, hoping to be the “princess of people’s hearts” is totally on-brand for a Cancer).

Leo – Joe Jonas

Charming, confident, and ambitious — wait, are we talking about Joe Jonas or just Leos? The middle Jonas brother exemplifies a Leo male: flare for the dramatics, talkative and natural receptors of praise. Leos love to perform and are the ultimate showman, just like Joe. Leos are also known for their great hair, which would explain why Joe’s hair has been such a big part of his look and image for so long.


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Virgo – Beyoncé

Virgos are known for their work ethic and desire for perfection — just like Beyoncé, who’s been working in the music industry since her early childhood and is known for the hard work she puts into all of her various projects. Virgos are also known for their creativity, which is clearly a big theme in Queen B’s life as she’s tackled many different industries such as music, fashion and film. Virgos are also known for their kindness, which is a massive part of Beyoncé’s legacy, as she’s known for being incredibly charitable and generous of both her money and time. Byeoncé, like a true Virgo, is poised, elegant and regal — naturally deserving of her Queen title.


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Libra – Kim Kardashian

Like Taureans, Libras are also ruled by Venus and are associated with beauty, love, pleasure and aesthetic, much like Kim. People are naturally drawn to Libras — this would explain Kim’s decades-long influence on pop culture and fashion. Libras are charming social butterflies known for being particularly stylish, just like Kim K. Libras are also passionate about justice and peace, which would explain Kim’s recent enrollment in law school and goal of becoming an attorney like her father.


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Scorpio – Pete Davidson

This may be the most fitting placement on this list. Ruled by Mars, Scorpios are mysterious, stoic and almost brutally honest, which explains Pete’s dry, almost dark sense of humor paired with his almost bad-boy appeal. Scorpios are also associated with sex and physical intimacy (due to their connection to Mars, which rules action), which would explain why he’s one of the most sought-after men in Hollywood and subsequently the star of many “steal your girl” memes.


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Sagittarius – Britney Spears

Sagittarians are free spirits, known for marching to the beat of their own drum. Fiery and effortlessly magnetic, Britney Spears is a truly a Sagittarius embodied. A massive topic of conversation for Britney is freedom, both pre, mid and post-conservatorship. Brit’s talked about her need for independence (in true Sagittarius fashion) for years, but seeing her take control of her own life and do what she wants post-conservatorship is true Sag energy.


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Capricorn – Denzel Washington

In true Capricorn fashion, Denzel is known for his practicality, work ethic and ambition. Capricorns are stubborn, realistic, driven and fiercely loyal, which makes perfect sense for Denzel, who’s garnered a reputation for his dedication and strictly-disciplined approach to his craft. Capricorns are known for being more serious, but a Cap is probably going to have the best sense of humor you’ll ever see.

Aquarius – Megan Thee Stallion

Creative, clever and eccentric — just a few typical Aquarian traits that Megan Thee Stallions “body-ody-ody-odies.” Aquarians are tied with revolution or innovatition — who’s made a bigger change in the rap game in the last few years than the H-town Hottie herself? Megan was the first woman to lead the rap songwriters charts, first woman to have three number-one songs on the Billboard charts and the first female rapper to win the Grammy for Best New Artist. Meg was also recently the first female rap performance at the Academy Awards. Her reputation as a trailblazer was hard-earned but came to her naturally to her as an Aquarius sun.


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Pisces – Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodriho is practically the blueprint for Pisces — emotional, romantic, sensitive and in-tune with her feelings. Pisces are known for their wild imaginations and deep connection to the arts as a creative outlet, which aligns with Liv’s musical talents. Dreamy and pensive, Pisces wear their hearts on their sleeves, just as Olivia does in her music. That being said, what could be more Piscean than writing an entire album about all the emotions of a teenage romance?


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