Celebrities Who Are Leading the Fight Against Climate Change!

Wonder what certain celebrities are doing to help save our planet? Look no further! Let’s see which celebrities are raising awareness of the climate change crisis.

Climate change is real. It is a crisis that is happening right now, and it is time to act. Luckily, we are not alone in this fight. We have a variety of celebrities who have been battling against this existential crisis alongside us. You may even be surprised at which celebrities have taken the necessary action in saving our world.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a visible celebrity at the bleeding edge of environmental activism for a while. This Oscar-winning actor has been known to give large donations to charities who are fighting climate change, including $5 million to Earth Alliance to assist with handling the rapidly spreading fires in the Amazon rainforest. DiCaprio also co-chairs the association with the philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs.

Not only has DiCaprio donated to charities but has additionally utilized his expert abilities to bring issues of climate change to light. He has been engaged with documentary films, such as And We Go Green and Ice on Fire, that assists with specifying the relationship between natural disasters, the termination of species, and changes to the environment.

Back in September of 2014, Dicaprio became the UN Messenger of Peace at the opening of the climate summit at the United Nations to further discuss climate change and what we as humanity can do to put a stop to it.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, American actress and political activist, has also been an environmental activist for quite a while and is known for leading rallies in the US, including her Fire Drill Fridays.

On her 82nd birthday last year, Fonda led a protest alongside 82 protesters, with the assumption they would all get arrested for attempting to feature the danger of climate change. She surpassed her birthday wishes; 138 individuals were arrested, including Fonda, while battling for environmental equity.

The world is lucky to have such an inspiring climate activist!

Pharrell Williams

Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio can use their platform to create movies like Don’t Look Up about climate change awareness. But singers, on the other hand, can use their song lyrics to create that change. Pharrell Willaims is a great representation of this.

Artist Pharrell Williams banded together with Climate Reality for 24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth: The World Is Watching in front of the UN environment discussions in Paris. His global hit Happy was released in 2014, which was partnered with the UN and former vice president, Al Gore, which was performed in the Live Earth- Road to Paris Initiative.

However, in 2015, Williams Live Earth concert with Al Gore was cancelled due to terrorist attacks in Paris, but he states in a video address to the ILO’s World of Work Summit, “I believe that climate change is one of the defining issues of our time, one that threatens our very existence on Earth.”

Shailene Woodley

Big Little Lies star, Shailene Woodley, is passionate about climate change as well. Woodley has co-founded an ecological non-benefit organization with her mother called All It Takes.

Woodley has also worked on a video about deforestation for Conservation International.

Alongside social media posts and other public help for environmental awareness, Woodley is an Oceans Ambassador for Greenpeace. Through the association, she participated in a Greenpeace endeavor in the Sargasso Sea to look at plastic contamination. That prompted her pushing for the United Nations to devise a settlement that would safeguard at least 30% of the seas by 2030.


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Mark Ruffalo

Actor Mark Ruffalo is a straightforward environmental activist who has “an eye out on a better, brighter, cleaner, and more hopeful future for all of us,” as stated in his Twitter headline.

Demonstrating that hopefulness, Ruffalo established The Solutions Project and Water Dense to offer concrete actions we can take now to support a healthy planet.

The Solutions Project aims to promote the switch to 100% clean energy for everyone by creating a community that is “more inclusive, more collaborative, and more celebratory.”

Ruffalo also starred in some documentaries such as, In this Climate and Dark Waters, that focus on environmental action.

Join the fight against climate change today by joining any organization, even the ones listed in this story, to begin the journey of reversing the effects led by this human induced climate crisis.

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