Celebrities We’d Want to Play ‘Among Us’ With

We’re listing off some celebrities we would love to play ‘Among Us’ with!

Created by indie game company, Innersloth, Among Us has been dominating the internet for the past few weeks.

Everyone seems to be hopping on the trend, playing this strategic multiplayer game with their friends and strangers. Even bigger celebrities have been hopping in on the gameplay. Just this past week, US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or “AOC”, streamed herself playing.

Youtuber James Charles is also a frequent player of the game. He’s been playing with notorious gaming Youtubers such as Pewdiepie.

We’ve been having so much fun watching other celebrities get in on the game play, so here’s our list of the top celebrities we’d love to play Among Us with!

Ryan Reyonlds

Similar to his character, Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds would bring some much welcomed sly energy to the gameplay. The best games have a cunning, yet chaotic player, and Ryan would bring just that! He’s also absolutely hilarious so he is definitely getting a game invite.

Mindy Kaling

Picture this: Mindy Kaling and you team up to hunt down the imposter on the ship. This truly sounds like my dream Friday night. Maybe she could even throw a couple of Kelly Kapoor impersonation rounds in there too!

John Mulaney

Like many others on this list, this comedian needs little introduction. This stand up comedy legend and SNL writer would give some amazing narration for the gameplay. I also imagine playing Among Us with John Mulaney would be similar to watching a toddler run around with a knife. Consider him invited!

Snoop Dogg

Snoop has entered the lobby! Good vibes only from Snoop, he would be the perfect person to light up the game, literally and figuratively. This is my open invite to him to come play

Meryl Streep

Actress extraordinaire, Meryl Streep would serve some serious skills in Among Us. I imagine her using her Oscar winning acting skills to confuse everyone and throw us off. She’s also such an amazing woman, who wouldn’t want to hang out with her?

Dr. Phil

Taking over TikTok, Dr. Phil has been everywhere lately. Showing off his more laidback and comedic side, I think Dr. Phil would be tons of fun to play this game with. He might even offer some top notch therapy skills to keep tensions low.

Who would be in your dream game of Among Us? Let us know!

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