Celebrities React to Trump Contracting the Coronavirus

Cardi B, Whitney Cummings, Alyssa Milano, Bella Hadid and more celebs took to social media to share their thoughts on Trump’s positive coronavirus results

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Posted On: October 2nd, 2020 4:13 pm pst

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President Donald Trump took to Twitter late Thursday night to share that he and Melania Trump have contracted the coronavirus. In his tweet Trump says, “we will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately.”

This comes after one of the president’s top advisors Hope Hicks tested positive for Covid-19 Thursday morning after experiencing symptoms earlier this week.

Celebrities have been quick to take to social media to share their thoughts on the President’s diagnosis.

Cardi B kept her message very simple and tame on Twitter.

Alyssa Milano tweet was heartfelt as she is still experiencing symptoms from the virus months later.

Whitney Cummings tweeted about Trump’s announcement twice, poking fun at him.

Zach Braff, who lost his close friend Nick Cordero to Covid-19 earlier this year, tweeted as well.

Sarah Hyland who is immune compromised after undergoing two kidney transplants, took to her Instagram stories to encourage everyone to wear a mask.

Courtesy: Sarah Hyland

Bella Hadid also took to her Instagram stories to share two posts about this news. The first is a video of Trump throwing hats to a crowd of supporters one day before testing positive for Covid-19 and the other is a message that Hadid agrees with.

Courtesy: Bella Hadid

Courtesy: Bella Hadid

Dove Cameron didn’t hold back taking to Twitter to share her thoughts.

Ken Jeong encouraged people to wear a mask, along with a couple of videos of Trump speaking about the coronavirus.

Ava DuVernay shared her thoughts on Twitter.

Joe Biden who tested negative for the coronavirus along with his wife, Jill wished the president and first lady well.


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