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Tonight’s episode of Castle Rock gave us answers, but also so many questions! Hosts Veronica Valencia, Jorge-Luis Pallo, Xia Anderson, and April Dawn discuss the identity of both Henry Deavers, the parallels between realities, and Castle Rock’s crazy history. We also predict how we think this season will wrap up, as well as give some special shoutouts! We are so excited to see what next week has in store!

About The After Show: So what exactly happens in the town of Castle Rock, Maine? This has been a question fans of Stephen King have been asking forever, as it has been mentioned in many of King’s books and short stories. In our CASTLE ROCK AFTER SHOW we will cover all of the eerie happenings on this anthology show and more. What are your initial reactions to the show? What are your favorite stories?! Let us know and subscribe for all the discussion goodness!


Henry returns to Castle Rock, Maine, unsettled by the place he once called home; based on the literary canon of Stephen King.

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