Cast of ‘Secrets of Sulphur Springs’ Talk Time Travel, Mysteries, and More!

Disney Channel’s new show Secrets of Sulphur Springs is a time travel mystery show Our host Chae’ Jones, was invited to talk with Preston Oliver(Griffin), Kyliegh Curran(Harper), and Elle Graham(Savannah).

Disney Channel’s new show Secrets of Sulphur Springs is a time travel mystery show Our host Chae’ Jones, was invited to talk with Preston Oliver(Griffin), Kyliegh Curran(Harper), and Elle Graham(Savannah).

Griffin Campbell and his family move to Sulphur Springs, Louisiana, and into the suspected haunted Tremont Hotel. 12-year-old Griffin along with the thrill-seeking classmate Harper discovers a secret portal that allows them to travel back in time and uncover clues about a mystery involving a girl Savannah who disappeared decades ago from a Louisiana town.

When asked if they had their own theories about what happened to Savannah as they got each script Graham said, “Absolutely, I had a lot of theories, but it would go the complete opposite way or be very close, but Kyliegh hates whenever I say this. My theory is that Savannah was going to turn out to be Kyliegh’s mother.”

Curran interjected. “Someone, please shut this down. This has been going on for far too long. Yeah, we all used to call each other and talk about our theories and read over the script and say, ‘Right here, they say something so suspicious.’”

This show will have many twists and turns but really comes back to time traveling to the past through a secret portal. During a time when there weren’t emails or cell phones. There are many things you can do when you travel back in time, but you never know if you will change the smallest thing and the effect you’ll have on your future. When asked what advice they would give to their characters about time travel, Oliver said,” Why not? Why not? I mean, it could be cool. You can go back and change some things, see how they turn out. If they turn out better, you know other things in the world could change. Cause you know, if Savannah didn’t go missing, then she could’ve been the cure for cancer. Who knows? You never know, so take chances.”

Curran replied, “I would do my research from the future first, which is what Harper does. Smart kid. Then I would go back to the past and change things up.”

The mystery revolves around the disappearance of Savannah from the Tremont Hotel. No one knows what happened to her. It’s as if she ceases to exist. When asked what her favorite aspect was about being Savannah, Graham said, “Well, me and Savannah are a lot alike in a lot of different ways. She’s always up for an adventure. She is bubbly, she’s happy, and she finds herself into trouble, but trouble finds me that’s different, but I just love her. It’s so fun playing her, but half the time, it’s not even like I’m playing her I’m just being myself.”

Since time travel is a big part of the show, it has to leave you with questions about just what time you would like to go back to if you could. If these three had the power to go back in time, what time would they go back to?

Oliver said, “1980. I would love to be a teenager in the 80s. Go hop on a bike. Ride around with your friends, stop by the diner, eat something, go out to an arcade, spend $20 in quarters on arcade games all day, just hang out and have a good time, and then showing up at 10’oclick at night with your parents asleep in the rocking chair or something and just go right up to your room and listen to music.”

Graham said, “I was going to say 1980s, but I’m going to change my answer a little bit. I would grow up, and I would go back in time to when the Titanic was being made, and I would be…I forgot that girl’s name, but I would be that girl so I could meet young Leo.”

Curran added, “Take me with you, Elle. I would go back to the Edwardian era because of the fashion. There would be a few bumps but the fashion for sure, and I just want to live out my cottage core dreams. That’s what I want in life.”

The series will take fans on a mystery filled season that will have you coming up with your own theories. This show is very different from past shows on the channel but a very welcome addition that might even change the game for future shows on the network.

Watch the full interview below, and be sure to watch Disney Channel’s newest show on January 15th!

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