Cassandra James Talks ‘Sort Of’ Season 2!

Cassandra James, star of the hit series Sort Of, talks all about her character’s transformation in season 2, plus what’s next in her career!

The wait is finally over; Sort Of is back on HBO Max for its second season, with some favorite characters returning!

One of those characters is Olympia, played by Cassandra James. She spoke with Benny Adams on Let’s Binge About It about what’s new with her character and what to expect in the coming episodes.


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“It was such a joy to be invited back to do a second season… What was exciting for me was when I got the pages, I felt like Olympia was different. In the second season, something has shifted for her, so I’m excited for people to check out the second season and see how she’s new.” Said James.

Olympia’s story arc this season will get fans talking. James doesn’t spoil what will happen with her character in future episodes, but get ready.

“I don’t want to give away why things have changed for Olympia explicitly, but I think she’s a little haunted in season two. There’s something, or someone from her past, that is making things more complicated for her, and it’s affecting her relationships in the present.” Explained James.

Sort Of isn’t the only series fans can watch Cassandra on because she also has a recurring role on ABC’s General Hospital, making her the first transgender woman in a major role on daytime television.


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“It’s a complete honor to be a part of General Hospital. It’s such a wonderful exercise for me as an actor and an artist and such a joy to be recurring in such a large legacy of a program… it’s a wonderful experience for me.” Said James.

Cassandra can’t wait for what the future holds, and she is eager and ready to continue her journey of telling stories.

“I have big dreams, and I am so grateful because I feel like my dreams are coming true a little bit every day. I’m just excited to keep going, and I want to tell more stories. I can’t wait to climb into some new skins and play some new characters in the new year. I’m working on my own project as well.” Said James.

Season 2 of Sort Of is now streaming on HBO Max!

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