Carey Mulligan Hosts ‘SNL:’ Best Moments

To celebrate Carey Mulligan’s hosting debut on Saturday Night Live, we have a recap of our favorite moments.

Promising Young Woman’s Carey Mulligan made for a promising host Saturday night on SNL. As this marked her first time hosting, here are some of Mulligan’s best moments from the episode.

Carey Mulligan’s Monologue

Mulligan began the monologue by sharing her funny experiences when people confuse her with another famous blond actress, Michelle Willaims. As her husband Marcus Mumford, lead singer of Mumford and Sons, was in the audience, he kept interrupting her speech by playing guitar to the tune of their song “Little Lion Man.” Mumford’s interruption shows that no one likes the “guy who takes his acoustic guitar out during parties.”

What’s Wrong with this Picture

Mulligan, Aidy Bryant, and Chris Redd play contestants in a game show hosted by Kenan Thompson. All the contestants have to do is guess what’s wrong with a series of photos. That should be easy, right? Well, Mulligan, Bryant, and Redd have difficulties getting the right answer, making up scenarios for the images they see. Full of extreme assumptions about each photo, the contestants prove they have wild and alarming imaginations.

IBS Medicine Ad

Mulligan plays a woman struggling with her IBS in this pre-recorded sketch. Parodying medicine commercials, Mulligan gets the help of Tremfalta during her son’s band concert. The skit looks like a typical commercial until the janitor (Kenan Thompson) interrupts the concert saying that someone has grossly messed up the bathroom. Mulligan had just been in there after taking Tremfalta but stays quiet so that she’s not discovered. With the common fear of embarrassment in a public bathroom, this sketch makes light of the situation.

Study Buddy

Kate Mckinnon plays a young boy needing help to impress his study date (Mulligan) in this skit. Calling an “experienced’ friend (Aidy Bryant), Mckinnon gets tips on kissing Mulligan. Through an awkward exchange, McKinnon, Mulligan, and Bryant show the embarrassment and weirdness of being a tween with raging hormones.

Lesbian Period Drama

Mulligan and Heidi Garner spoof the romantic dramas Ammonite and Portrait of a Lady On Fire in this pre-recorded sketch. They add tropes like “glance choreography,” “the wind,” and the “one actual lesbian actress as the stone-cold ex” (Kate Mckinnon) to joke about the current influx of prestige lesbian romantic period dramas.

The War In Words: Bertie and Mary

In this World War II documentary, Mikey Day is a soldier writing letters to his wife (Mulligan). While Day’s letters are endearing and loving, Mulligan’s letters are either one-word answers sent with cocaine or bad jokes about his parents dying. While poking fun at period romantic dramas, it also shows how letters and texting can be misconstrued.

Carey Mulligan made her lasting mark on the SNL stage. Check out or Hulu for the entire episode.

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