Camp Getaway S1 E2 Recap & After Show with Neely Fortune: Exes, Mimosas, and Nile – Oh My!

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Randall shows back up to camp, despite her hesitation last week and the fact that her foot is still in a boot. We then meet our new guest, Jordan — she does not hold back when it comes to getting what she wants, putting the new social coordinators to the test. Later that evening, Neely’s ex makes a shocking appearance; the former couple spends the night chatting, which ultimately leads to a kiss. Meanwhile, Nile thinks it’s a good idea to go night swimming in the lake with the guests, landing himself in this week’s hot seat with Claire and David. And Adam, well, he surprises absolutely no one by making out with Jordan and flirting his way through the entire episode.
Hosted by: Sana M (iam_sana_) Zach Weinberg (@zachweinberg), Alexandra Janes (@allylewber), LaToya Blakely (@latoya.blakely)